Photography Contest



All the students that visit the exhibition can participate in the contest.


Thoughts about what has been seen in the exhibition:
“ I capture with my cellphone the things that the exhibition suggests to me”

Number of photos by contestant and characteristics

Each contestant can participate with a maximun of three photographies, black and white or in colour, that must have a title and a brief commentary about why the author had selected that particular photo regarding the topics spoken of in the exhibition.

Photographies must be original and unknown and they must 

not have been published previously in magazines, journals, printed books or online and must not have been awarded previously in another photographic contest.

Every snapshot must not exceed from a maximum of 8 MG.

Works' Presentation

The participants must present the material with the author's name and surnames, DNI, telephone number and email address.

The photographies must be sent via email or “we transfer” to the next electronic address:


All the participating photographies in this contest will become part of the IMER's photographic archive and they could be shown and published in any exhibition, if the organization wants to.


It will be composed of 5 people among members of the Galician Pen, IMER and/or any person that the organization believes to be adecuate.

Deadline, awards and publication

The deadlines, awards and possible publication will be specified publicaly in every occasion and place where the exhibition takes place.