Methodological Instructions


3rd and 4th grade of ESO students, and/or 1st and 2nd grade of Bachillerato


  • Take into account the fragility of the Human Rights that is present in many countries in the world.
  • Make the students aware of the general necessity of looking out for the compliance of human rights and the benefits they provide.
  • To know and to delve into the situation and the elevated percentage of writers and journalists that cannot practise their fundamental rights, the right to expression mainly, through the authors dealt with in the project Libertas and the authors present in the Pen International case list.
  • To check that it is still possible to reach the compliance of the human rights thanks to the personal actions and implication.


The only contents group of this proposal is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


It is suggested that the group of proposed activities in this didactic unit would be performed in the following methodological lines:

  • It must be directed by a teacher, who must coordinate the lessons to perform.
  • It can be performed in a small, medium or big group or in a group-class.
  • The activities can be performed in their totality or individually, previously selected by the coordinator who introduced them.
  • It is possible to do the program from any curricular subject